NaturalConcepts, Lda., With headquarters in Spinpark - Avepark, Industrial Zone of Gandra, Place S. Cláudio do Barco, Apartado 4152, with the postal code 4805-093 Caldas das Taipas, district of Braga, municipality of Guimarães and parish of Caldelas, enrolled in the Commercial Registry of Guimarães, with the unique registration number and NIPC 508593042, hereinafter NaturalConcepts, hereby agrees to apply to any natural or legal person who carries out any transaction of products and goods through the Website, hereinafter referred to as Customer.

The parties agree that their relations established in that context shall be governed by the general conditions described herein.

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The submission of an order by the Customer implies full acceptance of these Conditions

General of Sale, fully and unreservedly, as well as the prices, taxes and description of products contemplated in any transaction.

The availability of a product or quantities on the Website can be confirmed by NaturalConcepts even after the order has been placed and paid the respective price. In the absence of availability of the product, NaturalConcepts undertakes to inform the Customer and to reimburse it of the amounts that may have paid, by the same method used, within a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the date of knowledge of that unavailability .

NaturalConcepts reserves the right not to accept orders for any amounts that are not paid in advance.

The minimum value of the purchase in the online store is € 20 (value excluding VAT)


The prices shown include the applicable VAT at the date of the transaction, and it is reflected in the invoice issued, whose data are the responsibility of the Customer.

NaturalConcepts reserves the right to change prices at any time in order to cope with market fluctuations, as well as costs of raw materials, production and handling.


Products will be invoiced on the date of shipment.

In the case of payment by bank transfer, billing will only be made when the product is shipped, after the actual receipt of the payment in the NaturalConcepts account.

The Customer must inform NaturalConcepts, on the order form, of the billing address, even if it is the same as the delivery address, not accepting subsequent changes to the data entered for this purpose.

The responsibility for the data provided for billing is exclusively the Client, and NaturalConcepts is not responsible for any errors or lapses or for the indication of false data.

Conditions and deadlines

Delivery times communicated to the Customer are indicative only, and NaturalConcepts is not responsible for any losses of the Customer related to delays in the delivery of orders.

If delivery is not possible for reasons attributable to the Customer, the Customer shall bear all additional charges with the returns and repetitions of the delivery.

The differences between the delivered quantity and the quantity stated on the documents accompanying the cargo (shipping, invoice or cash-in-transit), and / or visible damages in it, must be communicated on delivery, and no complaints will be accepted after receipt of the product by the Customer.

If the order is received by a third party other than the Customer at his address, such liability can not be attributed to NaturalConcepts or the carrier, even if the goods or product does not reach its original recipient.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs will be fully borne by the Customer and will be added to the price of the transaction.

Online store purchases over € 50 (value excluding VAT) have an offer of shipping costs.


In case of justified return, the merchandise will only be accepted if it is presented in the original packaging, inviolate and properly closed, complete and in good condition. For perishable or expired products, only returns of products still in good condition for re-introduction in the market or with a validity of at least 6 months, as the case may be, will be accepted.

Costs for returns due to reasons beyond NaturalConcepts' liability shall be borne entirely by Customer.

Property ownership

The goods transacted by NaturalConcepts remain the property of this until its effective and integral payment.

The risk of the goods will be transmitted to the Customer when they are delivered to the same or to any intermediary authorized by the latter.

If the goods or products suffer any damage, loss or theft during the transport of the order, for reasons of force majeure, this can not be attributed to NaturalConcepts by the Customer.


Unless there is a written agreement, orders accepted by NaturalConcepts can not be canceled by Customer.

Treatment of personal data

Pursuant to the provisions of Law no. 67/98, of October 26, on the Protection of Personal Data, all personal data are handled electronically, with the purpose of sending the respective orders, the granting of administrative support, and statistical purposes.

The Client may request the change of his / her personal data at any time, keeping them accessible for consultation by him / herself, duly certified. GENERAL OPERATION OF THE ONLINE SHOP

The mechanics of sale in the online store should be different for End customer and Reseller. Offer of 20% discount on purchases over 200 € (value without VAT)