Queen Catarina's Tea

Queen Catarina's Tea

Kit Queen Catarinas Tea


Queen Catarina's Tea is a delicate and refined tea. Made with Pu-erh Green Tea over 10 years old, extracts of cinnamon and sweet orange from Portugal.

This set is composed of a tea can of Queen D. Catarina de Bragança, with 20 sachets packed in a hermetical bag, a jar of Orange marmalade of 125 gr, Bag and tape for wrapping.

Queen Catarinas Tea Box


A special blend of tea in honour of Queen Catherine of Braganza, who introduced her love of tea to the British. 

It brings together the unique flavour of Pu-erh Tea (known as the Emperor's Tea), the taste of Portuguese oranges and the cinnamon aroma as a reference to the Portuguese discoveries.

To enjoy this unique tea, our team has produced a distinctive, elegant package. Inside you will find two cans of tea - each with 20 sachets inside a protective bag to maintain the aroma - and one marmalade jam (125g).

Additional information: geral@folhadagua.pt and 00351 253 540 103 (working hours).