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- Helps to alleviate nasal discomfort due to the flu, allergies and colds.

- Promotes a healthy breathing.

- Aids in a good night’s sleep.

- Helps to purify the air.

Calmant Mood


- Aids in reducing anxiety and stress without causing drowsiness.
- Helps to improve mood swings or irritability
- Especially appropriate in mood swings related to menstrual periods or menopause.<

Foot care oil


Óleo de tratamento e hidratação para o cuidado dos pés. Promove uma acção anti-fungica e protectora contra micoses. Confere suavidade aos seus pés prevenindo o aparecimento de calus.  

Volume 30 mL

Hair Repair Oil


Nutri repair and protect hair oil, improving softness and shine of strands. To all hair types with a floral and natural aroma.